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Professor Bo Liedberg

Senior Executive Director, Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme, Graduate College

Phone: (+65) 6316 2957 / 65923031
Office: RTP-XF-06-05E / S2-B3a-01

Current Research Interests

Sensing & Diagnostics, nanoscience, soft matter.

Liedberg joined NTU a visiting professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering in August 2009. He mission has been to set up a new initiative on Biomimetic Sensor Science jointly with faculties at MSE and SBS. He is currently the director of the Centre for Biomimetic Sensor Science (CBSS) located in the X-Frontiers Block, Level 6, Research Techno Plaza.

Bo Liedberg is a surface physics/chemist by training. Liedberg has long experience in surface vibrational spectroscopy, in particular for the characterization of thin molecular films and monolayer architectures on solid supports. During the late 80:ties and 90:ties he was heavily involved in studied of self-assembled monolayers on gold, and he has published more than 100 papers on their characterization and application.

He has spent several year abroad with distinguished scientist in the area of solution self-assembly and bio- and chemical sensing. In 1992-93 he was a visiting scientist at Penn State University (host: Prof. David L. Allara) and in 1995-97 he was on sabbatical at the University of Tubingen (host: Prof. Wolfgang Göpel). He has also served on many committees, for example, in the steering/advisory committees for ESF and EC programs as well an advisory board member for the Biointerface program (KIT), Karlsruhe.

Liedberg has also been the PI for a strong activity in bio- and chemical sensing. The focus has been on optical sensors based on surface plasmon, ellipsometric and reflectometric transduction principles. Most of his current activities are devoted to plasmonics in combination with advanced surface chemistry. Of particular interest is to develop new and robust technology for field testing.

Biographical Information

Brief CV for Prof. Bo Liedberg. Born October 16, 1954.

A. Professional preparation

1986-1989 Industrial post doc, Pharmacia Biosensor AB (today Ge-Healthcare)
1986 PhD, Linköping University, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Applied Physics
1981 MSc, Linköping University, Engineering Physics

B. Appointments

2013-              Dean, Interdisciplinary Graduate School
2012-              Full Professor of Materials Science, Director CBSS/MSE, NTU
2009-              Director of the Center for Biomimetic Sensor Science (CBSS), NTU
2009-2012      Visiting professor and director of CBSS, MSE, NTU (Host Profs. Freddy Boey/Ma Jan/Subbu Venkatraman)
2009               Visiting professor AIT, Vienna, Austria (Host: Prof. Wolfgang Knoll)
2008-2012      Head of Scientific branch Applied Physics, Linköping University
2006-2011      Programme director: NanoSense, SSF
2004-2012      Full professor (head) of Molecular Physics, Linköping University
2000-2004      Full professor (head) of Sensor Science, Linköping University
2000-2008      Programme director: Biomimetic Materials Science, SSF
1999               Promoted to professor of Applied Physics, Linköping University
1998-2003      Acting professor of Applied Physics, Linköping University
1995-1997      Visiting scientist at the University of Tübingen, Germany (Host Prof. W. Göpel).
1992/1993      Visiting scientist at Penn State University, USA (Host Prof. D.L. Allara),
1990-1999      University lecturer/associate professor Applied Physics, Linköping University
1986-1989      Industrial post doc at Pharmacia Biosensor (today Ge-Healthcare)

C. Tutoring experience

1995- 2006 Prof. Kajsa Uvdal
2003- Associate professor Thomas Ederth, university lecturer
2003-2010 Associate professor Fredrik Björefors
2005- Associate professor Karin Enander
2004- Assistant professor Ramunas Valiokas
1995-2016 Mentor for about 25 post docs and visiting fellows

PhDs: Total 41 of which 26 as main supervisor, 2 “shared”, 13 (deputy supervisor)

1990 Christer Törnkvist
1993 Anita Ihs
1996 Isak Engquist, Magnus Lestelius, Zhongping Yang ”jointly with University Libre de Bruxelles”
1997 Lars Bertilsson, Gunnar Westermark (deputy)
1998 Hans Kariis
1999 Mikael Wirde (deputy), Thomas Ederth,(deputy), Oliver Maute “jointly with University Tübingen”, Trine Platau Vikinge
2000 Ramunas Valiokas, Knut Johansen
2001 Sofia Svedhem (deputy)
2002 Johan Ekeroth (deputy)
2003 Karin Enander, (deputy)
2004 Ye Zhou, Mattias Östblom
2005 Markus Hederos (deputy)
2007 Annika Borgh, Goran Klenkar, Andreas Larsson
2008 Patrik Nygren, Jenny Carlsson, Olof Andersson, Daniel Aili
2010 Tobias Ekblad
2012 Hung Hsun Lee, Timmy Fyrner (deputy), Yang Yanli                                                                           
2014 Robert Selegård, Erik Martinsson (deputy), Zhou Changji (deputy)                                                     
2015 Chen Peng, Abeni Wickham (deputy), Winna Siti (deputy), Lim Seng Koon, Zhang Jinling, Liu             Xiaohu, Liu Yuanjun (deputy)

Currently supervisor for 5 post docs, 2 project officers, 5 own graduate students and 5 shared at NTU

D. Networks in academia and industry

1992- David Allara, Penn State (self-assembly, surface chemistry
1999- Atul Parikh, UC Davis, Chad Mirkin, Northwestern, surface chemistry, nanoscience
2000- Fredrik Höök, Bengt Kasemo, Chalmers Gothenburg, plasmonics, biomimetics
2002- Michael Grunze, Heidelberg, surface chemistry, biofouling
2002- Lyuba Malysheva, Kiev, Theory and modeling
2003- Robert Tampe and Jacob Piehler,Frankfurt, arraying, biochips
2003- Jim and Maureen Callow, Birmingham, Biofouling
2004- Brian MacCraith, Dublin, Optical biosensing, plasmonics
2006- Yaw-kuen Li, Natl Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan, Biosensing
2007- F. Boey, S. Mahaisalkar, S. Venkatraman,MSE-NTU, Singapore
2014- Milan Mrksich, Northwestern University, Analytics, MS spectrometry

E. Entrepreneurial achievements

1984- Consultant Biacore AB, Uppsala
2000-2006 Scientific advisory board Biosensor Applications Sweden AB
2003-2006 Scientific advisor on biochip technology, Attana AB
2003-2007 CEO and co-founder of Crosswise AB, Linköping
2003- Co-founder and board member of RGB Technoloies AB
2004- Board member and owner of ModPro AB, Uppsala
2006- Consultant Åmic AB, Uppsala
2010- Advisor Optiqua Pte Ltd, Singapore/Optisense, The Netherlands

F. Other merits of relevance - awards, honorary commissions, scientific output

1989 The Berol Nobel Research Award 1989 for the best PhD thesis in Surface and Colloid Chemistry within Scandinavia
2000 Teaching award: “Gyllene moroten” Engineering Biology
2005 Distinguished scientific accomplishments in Sensor Science and Molecular Physics research, awarded by the CNR, Italy

Honorary commissions

1993-1998 Steering Committee Member ESF-ABI programme
1995/1997 Guest editor Biosensors&Bioelectronics, Vol. 10, Vol 12
2000- Permanent Steering Committee (PSC) Member of Europtrode
2001 External evaluator for C4 chair in Physical Chemistry, Tubingen
2003 External evaluator for the Science foundation Ireland: CSET
2004 External evaluator for the chair in Chemical Physics, Uppsala
2004- Advisory board conference series: EUCHEM (self-assembly), SPIE (optics), ASCOS (Sensing), ECOSS (Nanoscience), RSC (Bionanotechnology), AVS (Biomaterials)
2005- Co-Editor Biointerphases, AIP
1995- External evaluator for numerous academic positions professor-ships, university lectureships, docents and forskarassistenter
2004- Grant committee member Chem. Eng. VR, “Ingvar Award” SFF
1998- Board member of NanoChemistry, Enzyme catalysis, OBOE programmes all funded by SSF
2009 External evaluator for chair in Material Science, NTU, Singapore 

Selected publications out of ~200

PLim, S.K.; Chen, P.; Lee, F.L.; Moochhala, S.; Liedberg, B., Peptide-Assembled Graphene Oxide as a Fluorescent Turn-On Sensor for Lipopolysaccharide (Endotoxin) Detection, Anal. Chem., 87, 9408-9412 (2015).

Zhang, J.; Wang, Y.; Wong, T.I; Liu, X.; Zhou, X.; Liedberg, B., Electrofocusing-enhanced localized surface Plasmon resonance biosensors, Nanoscale, 7, 17244-17248 (2015). 

Lim, K.L.; Sanden, C.; Selegard, R.; Liedberg, B.; Aili, D. Tuning Liposome Membrane Permeability by Competitive Peptide Dimerization and Partitioning-Folding Interactions Regulated by Proteolytic Activity. Scientific Reports. 6, 22123 (2016).

Wang, Y.; Wu, L.; Wong, T.I.; Bauch, M.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, J.; Liu, X.; Zhou, X.; Bai, P.; Dostalek, J.; Liedberg, B. Directional fluorescence emission co-enhanced by localized and propagating  surface plasmons for biosensing. Nanoscale, 8, 8008-8016 (2016).

Wang, Y.; Liu, X.; Chen, P.; Tran, N. T.; Zhang, J.; Chia, W.S.; Boujday, S.; Liedberg, B. Smartphone spectrometer for colorimetric biosensing. Analyst,141, 3233-3238 (2016).