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Professor Raju V. Ramanujan

Phone: (+65) 6790 4342
Office: N4.1-01-18
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Eligible for 1 PhD scholarship supported by school in AY2020

Current Research Interests

The focus of my research activities is the study and development of advanced nanomaterials, especially magnetic and multifunctional nanomaterials for a variety of applications, e.g., energy, bioengineering, smart transducers and microfluidics. My group is engaged in physical as well as chemical processing, advanced characterization including transmission electron microscopy, property evaluation and commercialization of such nanomaterials. Current topics of research include energy materials, e.g., magnetocaloric materials for energy efficient thermal management systems, hard magnetic nanomaterials, patterned magnetic structures, “smart” magnet based composites, functionalized magnetic nanoparticles and magnet based Janus particles.

Current Projects

  • Magnetic Materials for energy applications
  • Magnetocaloric Materials and Systems
  • Magnetic Nanomaterials for biomedicine
  • Development of Morphing Structures
  • Nanomaterials

Biographical Information

Ramanujan is a Fellow of the American Society of Materials and a Fellow of the Maharashtra Academy of Science. He received his Master of Engineering and Ph.D. degrees in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), USA. At CMU, he was the recipient of a Fellowship from a U.S. National Science Foundation grant. He earned his Bachelor’s degree (First Class Honors) from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Ramanujan is/was the Editor or Editorial Board member of several international journals, including Nanomedicine, Materials Science and Engineering B (Advanced Functional Solid State Materials), Materials Science and Engineering C (Materials for Biological Applications), Metals, Materials and Processes and Metallurgical and Materials Transactions. He serves/has served on the Magnetic Materials Committee of TMS (Chair), Awards Committee of TMS,   Phase Transformations Committee of TMS (USA), Program Committee (IEEE, Magnetics Society), IEEE (Magnetics Society, Singapore Chapter) and the Public Sector Funding Review Panel (Singapore).

Prior to joining NTU, Ramanujan has worked at Advanced Devices and Materials (USA), University of Birmingham (U.K.), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA). At NTU, he has received the Nanyang Award for Excellence in Teaching. Ramanujan is/was a Visiting Professor in overseas universities, including South China University of Technology, University of North Texas, University of Mumbai and the Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (India). He has organized several international symposia on advanced functional materials and delivered many invited talks at major international conferences and prestigious universities.


Selected Publications

A.S. Ahmed and R.V. Ramanujan, Magnetic field triggered multicycle damage sensing and self healing, Sci. Reports (Nature publishing group), 5, 13773 (2015).

S. Shukla, P.K. Dehri and R.V. Ramanujan, Magnetic nanomaterials, Invited Encyclopedia Chapter, Springer Handbook of Nanomaterials, R. Vajtai (ed.) (2013).

V. Swaminathan, P.K.Deheri, S.D. Bhame and R.V.Ramanujan, Novel microwave assisted synthesis of Nd2Fe14B hard magnetic nanoparticles, Nanoscale, 5, 2718-2725 (2013).

V.Q. Nguyen, A.S. Ahmed and R.V. Ramanujan, Morphing soft magnetic composites, Adv. Mater., 24, 4041-4054 (2012).

S. Purushotham and R.V. Ramanujan, Thermoresponsive magnetic composite nanomaterials for multimodal cancer therapy, Acta Biomater., 6, 502-510 (2010). Best Paper Award​​​​​​​