Job Postings

​Positions ​Keywords ​Posted Date
R&D Engineer Trainee - Electrical engineering or robotics (Prof Chen Xiaodong)

#SGUnitedTraineeships, electrical engineering, robotics 26 June 2020
R&D Engineer Trainee - Vanadium dioxide thermochromic smart windows (Dr Long Yi)

​#SGUnitedTraineeships, thermochromism ​26 June 2020
​R&D Engineer Trainee - Development of hybrid exosome mimetic nanoparticles for eye disease (Asst Prof Czarny Bertrand Marcel Stanislas

​#SGUnitedTraineeships, mimetics ​26 June 2020
​R&D Engineer Trainee - Development of a 3D-RHE intestine model and co-culture system to assess the potential risk of nanogenotoxicity following oral consumption of foods (Assoc Prof Ng Kee Woei)

​#SGUnitedTraineeships, nanogenotoxicity ​26 June 2020
R&D Engineer Trainee - Polymeric and lipid-based microcapsules for delivery of drugs and nutrients (Assoc Prof Joachim Loo)

​#SGUnitedTraineeships, poymers, drug delivery ​26 June 2020
​R&D Engineer Trainee - Cell culture and scaffold development (Assoc Prof Tan Lay Poh)

​#SGUnitedTraineeships, cell culture ​26 June 2020
R&D Engineer Trainee - In Stable Perovskite Optoelectronics and Material Innovation (Assoc Prof Nripan Mathews)

​#SGUnitedTraineeships, perovskite, optoelectronics ​26 June 2020
Teaching Assistant - Pedagogy Development (Prof Chen Xiaodong)

​#SGUnitedTraineeships, teaching assistant, pedagogy development, communications, publishing ​26 June 2020
Engineer Trainee (Assoc Prof Tan Lay Poh)

​#SGUnitedTraineeships, research survey design, statistical analysis ​26 June 2020
​Engineer Trainee (Dr Eric Phua Jian Rong)

​#SGUnitedTraineeships, safety management ​26 June 2020
Engineer Trainee (Dr Eric Phua Jian Rong)

​#SGUnitedTraineeships, facilities management ​26 June 2020
Outreach and Admin Assistant (Prof Chen Xiaodong)

​#SGUnitedTraineeships, outreach, engagement, administration, assistant ​26 June 2020
Administration Trainee (Assoc Prof Ng Kee oei) ​#SGUnitedTraineeships, research administration
​26 June 2020

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