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Research Fellow/Graduate Student Assistant

Research Fellow in Computational Materials Science

Research Fellow in High Throughput synthesis and characterizations of inorganic metal compounds​
3D printing technology, ceramics / polymer composites, electrical characterizations, materials science, chemistry, physics, PhD

Computational materials science, data mining, DFT phase stability computations, materials science, chemistry, PhD

Machine-learning, materials science, chemistry, physics, high throughput synthesis, characterizations
​29 Sep 2020
NTU-IPP(ESG) PhD studentships in Materials Science and Engineering ​Wearable devices, kidney dialysis, medical devices, materials science, bioengineering, chemistry, XRD, electron microscopy, materials synthesis ​22 Sep 2020​
Senior Executive, Academic

Via Workday
​undergraduate administration, examinations administration, records management ​18 Sep 2020
R&D Engineer Trainee
(Prof Chen Xiaodong)

Workday: R00003519
MCF: MCF-2020-0181160
​#SGUnitedTraineeships, electrical engineering, robotics ​26 Aug 2020

​R&D Engineer Trainee
(Dr Long Yi)

Workday: R00003305
MCF: MCF-2020-0170711

​#SGUnitedTraineeships, thermochromism
​​26 Aug 2020
R&D Engineer Trainee
(Asst Prof Czarny Bertrand Marcel Stanislas)

Workday: R00003308
MCF: MCF-2020-0170958
​#SGUnitedTraineeships, mimetics ​​26 Aug 2020
​R&D Engineer Trainee

Workday: R00003518
MCF: MCF-2020-0181095
​#SGUnitedTraineeships ​​26 Aug 2020
​R&D Engineer Trainee
(Assoc Prof Nripan Mathews)

Workday: R00003311
MCF: MCF-2020-0173126
​#SGUnitedTraineeships, perovskite, optoelectronics ​​26 Aug 2020
Engineer Trainee

Workday: R00003520
MCF: MCF-2020-0181183
​#SGUnitedTraineeships, research survey design, statistical analysis ​​26 Aug 2020
R&D Engineer (Environmental Electron Microscopy)

Workday: R00003393
MCF: MCF-2020-0173201
​#SGUnitedTraineeships, electron microscopy ​​26 Aug 2020