Job Postings

​Positions ​Keywords ​Posted Date
Field Application Specialist​ ​Bachelor’s degree, Chemistry, Material Sciences, laboratory environment, excellent written, oral communication, interpersonal skills ​7 Dec 2020
Research Engineer​ ​Materials informatics, computer science, materials science, database development, python, C, C++, or FORTRAN ​13 Nov 2020
​Project Officer - Innovative Centre for Flexible Devices (iFlex)
Workday: R00004076
​Research administration, centre operations, communications ​26 Oct 2020
Research Associate
Workday: R00003714
​Physics, Materials Science, optimize fabrication, electronics, electromagnetics, MEMS clean room, MEMS fabrication techniques. Project Officer with Bachelor Degree qualification will be considered for this position. ​21 Oct 2020
​Research Fellow
Workday: R00003715
​Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, transmission electron microscopy, situ /operando TEM characterization, organic-inorganic perovskite thin film LED & LET. ​21 Oct 2020
Product Diagnostic Engineer at GlobalFoundries ​Materials science, electronics, microelectronics, characterization, RF measurement, IC design, semiconductor fabrication ​16 Oct 2020
Research Fellow ​Polymer science, materials chemistry, chemistry
​5 Oct 2020
Research Fellow/Graduate Student Assistant

Research Fellow in Computational Materials Science

Research Fellow in High Throughput synthesis and characterizations of inorganic metal compounds​
3D printing technology, ceramics / polymer composites, electrical characterizations, materials science, chemistry, physics, PhD

Computational materials science, data mining, DFT phase stability computations, materials science, chemistry, PhD

Machine-learning, materials science, chemistry, physics, high throughput synthesis, characterizations
​29 Sep 2020
NTU-IPP(ESG) PhD studentships in Materials Science and Engineering ​Wearable devices, kidney dialysis, medical devices, materials science, bioengineering, chemistry, XRD, electron microscopy, materials synthesis ​22 Sep 2020​