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NTU Safety Training Requirements

MSE adopts the NTU Safety Training and Communication Directive and Standard Operating Procedures on NTU Workplace Safety and Health Training.

Click here for the NTU Safety Training Matrix.

MSE Safety Training

MSE assesses the work nature in our laboratories and incorporate additional safety training requirements on top of those specified in the NTU Safety Training Matrix. These safety training requirements are stipulated in the MSE SOP - Addendum to NTU SOP on WSH Training (NTU/MSE/SOP/1.3).

Safety training is conducted to equip laboratory users with awareness and knowledge which will enable them to perform their job in a safe and efficient manner. The MSE HSE Committee has put in place a list of available safety training topics to increase our community’s safety competency. This is aligned with the Workplace Safety and Health Act and the NTU Safety Training and Communication Directive.

All faculty members, staff and students (working within laboratories and offices in MSE) shall adhere to the training requirements specified in the MSE Safety Training Matrix.

The safety information and training needs required for staff to perform safely will depend on the risk assessment of the work. The reporting officer shall ensure that the required safety competency is demonstrated by the worker.

Note: Laboratory users will be denied access to laboratories for failing to complete the compulsory safety training requirements.

MSE Safety Training Matrix


Type of User ​
E-Learning Courses
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Face to Face Training
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*NTULearn Laboratory Orientation For After Office Hour Laboratory Access

Chemical Spill Response and Fire Fighting Training
Safety Briefing, Quiz and Orientation
Category 1:
Research Staff / Postgraduates


Category 2:
Undergraduates (FYP, URECA, UROP) / Interns

Category 3:
Students from Secondary Schools / Polytechnics /
Junior Colleges

Category 4:
Visiting Staff / Exchange Students / Collaborators
Category 5:
Simulation Project / Administrative Staff
Category 6:
Faculty Member

Type of User
E-Learning Courses
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Face to Face Training
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*NTULearn HF Handling Training Fit Test
​Hydrofluoric (HF) Acid User
​Cell Culture Laboratory User

​Half Face Mask Respirator User
​Ionizing Radiation User 1:
Using X-ray Equipment

​Non-Ionizing Radiation User 2: 
Using High Power Laser

Non-Ionizing Radiation User 3:
Using Ultrasound Equipment




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