Facilities and Equipment


New User Instruction

Important Notes

  1. ​Read the Rules and regulation for FACTS Lab and Service Labs.
  2. Before registration for equipment training. all users must complete E-Learning Safety Courses in NTULearn and attend lab orientation.
    For MSE FYP students intending to use FACTS for SEM/XRD, please follow instructions on: https://ts.ntu.edu.sg/sites/MSE/facts/Documents/Public/FACTS-msefyp.htm
  3. User must use the instrument at least 3 sessions within the first month after training. If not, your FOM account will be inactive. To reactivate account, retraining is required.
  4. Penalty will be imposed for misuse, did not turn up for schedule training/booking, booking on behalf of others etc.  (refer to Rules & Regulations).


  1. NTU staff and student register an account in the FOM system (Click here for FOM registration instruction). For non-NTU staff and student approach respective service lab staff to create the FOM account.
  2. Click here for the list of equipment in MSE. For detail descriptions refer to respective service labs website.
  3. For FACTS equipment, users must fulfill requirements stated here. SEM/TEM/XRD theoretical OMNI quiz must be passed before registering for equipment practical training. Details on clearing the quiz can be found here.
  4. Arrange or book equipment training date. (a) Through Equipment training schedule (for schedule equipment training) - Select the equipment for training (b) For non-schedule training (Equipment not listed in the above training schedule) - Contact the respective lab TE in-charge (refer to service labs website)
  5. After training, log in to FOM system to book the equipment for usage only after the trainer has added the equipment that you are trained to your FOM account.