Service Laboratories


Heat Treatment

Location: N4.1-B4-07
Tel: (65) 6790 6837
Contact Person: Ms Tay Poh Tin

The primary function of this lab is to provide facilities to carry out heat treatment experiment for staff, students and researchers. Equipped with a wide range of furnaces, the laboratory facilitates users to carry up heat treatment with a wide range of temperatures in different atmospheric conditions.

The laboratory is equipped with box furnaces which can heat up to 1600°C. Vacuum furnace can heat up to 1000 °C maintaining a vacuum level of 10-5 Pa, which can prevent oxidation of materials during heat treatment. There are also tube furnaces in which inert gases like N2 / N2-H2 and Ar / Ar-H2 mixtures can be flow during heat treatment. This facility allows users to carry out heat treatment in inert environment according to their requirements. This lab has also equipped with vacuum drying facility, which can heat up to 120 °C and allow users to dry the materials at low partial pressure of O2.

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