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​New quick-fix wrap by NTU and JTC can repair and reinforce existing structures

Published on: 11-Apr-2019

​We are pleased to share that Associate Professor Ng Kee Woei has been featured in the news for his research on a ‘new quick-fix wrap’ which can repair and reinforce existing structures. Called FasRaP (Fast Wrapping Fibre Reinforced Polymer), the prototype is jointly developed by scientists and engineers from NTU, Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) and Prostruct Consulting. FasRaP can protect, reinforce and repair existing structures. This new technology is especially useful for urban cities to rehabilitate ageing infrastructure, including buildings and bridges which may have developed structural defects, such as cracks and delamination of concrete. FasRaP is created with commercially available glass fibres, but with a proprietary glue-like resin developed by NTU materials scientists which acts as an adhesive for the wrap. The unique feature of the resin is that it will only harden when exposed to light, hence it is possible for the resin to be pre-applied onto FasRaP for packaging into a ready roll of sticky wrap. Compared to industrial norms, FasRaP has unique applications, in addition to requiring less manpower and cost to deploy. The team is currently working towards commercialising the technology. 
A bare cracked concrete pillar (left) held by Choong Jun Jie and one reinforced with FasRaP (right) held by Assoc Prof Ng Kee Woei
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Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Ng and his team on their excellent achievement!

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