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Publication in Annalen der Physik - Associate Professor Zhao Yang​

Published on: 14-Dec-2018

​We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Associate Professor Zhao Yang on the publication of his research paper, entitled “Engineering Photon Delocalization in a Rabi Dimer with a Dissipative Bath” in Annalen der Physik. In addition, the paper has been chosen to be on the inside front cover of the journal.

A Rabi dimer is used to model a recently reported circuit quantum electrodynamics system composed of two coupled transmission‐line resonators with each being coupled to one qubit. In this study, a phonon bath is adopted to mimic the multimode micromechanical resonators and is coupled to the qubits in the Rabi dimer. The dynamical behavior of the composite system is studied by the Dirac–Frenkel time‐dependent variational principle combined with the multiple Davydov D2 ansätze. Initially, all the photons are pumped into the left resonator and the two qubits are in the down state coupled with the phonon vacuum. In the strong qubit–photon coupling regime, the photon dynamics can be engineered by tuning the qubit–bath coupling strength α and photon delocalization is achieved by increasing α. In the absence of dissipation, photons are localized in the initial resonator. Nevertheless, with moderate qubit–bath coupling, photons are delocalized with quasiequilibration of the photon population in two resonators at long times. In this case, high‐frequency bath modes are activated by interacting with depolarized qubits. For strong dissipation, photon delocalization is achieved via frequent photon‐hopping within two resonators and the qubits are suppressed in their initial down state.

The paper can be found via this link:
The inside front cover can be found via this link:

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Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Zhao on his excellent achievement!

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