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MSE-Faculty Seminar@NTU Series


The MSE-Faculty Seminar@NTU Series is a forum where faculty staff are invited to give presentations to MSE staff and students. The purpose is to enhance interaction within the MSE community.

All seminars will start from 2pm at MSE Meeting Room 1 (N4.1-01-28). Refreshments will be served after the seminars.
​Date ​Speaker Topic​ Registration​

11 October 2017

Asst Prof Martial Duchamp

Operando transmission electron microscopy applied to perovskite solar cell devices

​25 October 2017 Asst Prof ​Dalton Tay Chor Yong Nano-bio Interaction: When Small Meets Smaller ​​
​1 November 2017 Asst Prof ​Yu Jing Beyond Equilibrium Properties of Soft Interfaces ​​
​8 November 2017 Asst Prof ​Nripan Mathews ​Novel electronic materials for device applications ​​
​15 November 2017 Asst Prof ​Liu Zheng Flatland: The landscape of 2D materials ​​