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MSE-Faculty Seminar@NTU Series


The MSE-Faculty Seminar@NTU Series is a forum where faculty staff are invited to give presentations to MSE staff and students. The purpose is to enhance interaction within the MSE community.

All seminars will start from 2pm at MSE Meeting Room 1 (N4.1-01-28).

Date​ Speaker​ Topic​
​17-Feb-2021 Professor Zhao Yanli

MOF-Based Functional Materials for CO2 Capture and Catalysis

Previous Seminars
​Date ​Speaker Topic​
​3-Feb-2021 ​Associate Professor Huang Yizhong Unveiling the Phase Transformation at Nano Scale​
​20-Jan-2021 ​Associate Professor Dong Zhili ​TEM Study of Quasicrystalline Phases in Pellets Consolidated Using Spark Plasma Sintering​​
​4-Nov-2020 ​​Associate Professor Alfred Tok​ Carbon-Based Smart Windows for Thermal Conduction Modulation​​
​​21-Oct-2020​ ​Associate Professor Ali Gilles Tchenguis Miserez​ Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of Extra-Cellular Biological Materials: Molecular Mechanisms and Translational for Biomedical Applications​​
​​7-Oct-2020​ ​​Associate Professor Cho Nam-Joon Tough Pollen to Soft Matter
​16-Sep-2020 ​Adjunct Professor Loh Xian Jun Thermogels for Biomedical Applications
​02-Sep-2020 ​Assistant Professor Martial Duchamp In situ Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Versatile Technique for Biological, Material Science and Device Characterizations
​19-Aug-2020 ​Associate Professor Liu Zheng 2D Materials for Sustainable World: Electrocatalysis, Low-power Device and Machine Learning
​05-Aug-2020 ​Nanyang Assistant Professor Yu Jing Bioinspired Materials and Interfaces​
​29-July-2020 ​Assistant Professor Dalton Tay Discovering New Bio-insights and Therapeutic Opportunities at the Nexus of Materials Science, ROS Biochemistry and Nanotechnology
​08-July-2020 ​Associate Professor Ng Kee Woei Nanotoxicology – Is that Room at the Bottom Safe?
​25-Jun-2020 ​Associate Professor Lu Xuehong Biomass-Derived Materials for Functional Applications​
​25-Mar-2020 ​Dr Long Yi Smart materials and Smart devices
​11-Mar-2020 ​Associate Professor Oh Joo Tien FeCo-2V Soft Magnetic Alloys for Electrical Machine Applications
​12-Feb-2020 ​Assistant Professor Kedar Hippalgaonkar Materials by Design – High Throughput Experiments, Simulations and Machine Learning
​22-Jan-2020 ​Associate Professor Andrew Grimsdale Towards New Materials for Improved Solar Cells
​13-Nov-2019 ​Professor Jay T. Groves Phase Transitions and Molecular Timing in T Cell Signaling
​30-Oct-2019 ​Associate Professor Thirumany Sritharan DrIRon Pyrite (FeS2) for Solar Absorption: A New Look at Old Material​
​23-Oct-2019 ​Professor Chen Zhong Ternary Nickel Phosphorus Alloys as More Reliable Lead-free Metallizations: Metallurgy at Microscale​
​16-Oct-2019 ​Professor Raju V. Ramanujan Sustainable Magnetic Materials
​9-Oct-2019 ​Associate Professor Zhao Yang Singlet Fission: Dynamics and Spectroscopy
​25-Sep-2019 ​Associate Professor Huang Yizhong Significant Performance Improvement of Nanostructures Tailoring by Hybrid and Perfect Ordering
​18-Sep-2019 ​Associate Professor Lydia Helena Wong Solution Processed Materials for Next Generation Solar Cells and Artificial Photosynthesis
​11-Sep-2019 ​Nanyang Assistant Professor Mihaiela Stuparu Synthesizing with a Molecular Bowl of Carbon - Corannulene
​04-Sep-2019 ​Assistant Professor Le Ferrand Hortense Bioinspired Microstructures to Design Multifunctional Structural Materials
​28-Aug-2019 ​Assistant Professor Czarny Bertrand Marcel Stanislas Extracellular Nanovesicles “Exosome mimetics”: from Eukaryotes to Prokaryotes Application
​​14-Aug-2019 ​​Assistant Professor Terry W. J. Steele Photo and Voltage Initiated Tissue Adhesives --Non-biomimetic Approaches
​17-Apr-2019 ​Associate Professor Aravind Dasari Understanding the Flame Retardancy Behaviour of Polymers
​10-Apr-2019 ​Associate Professor Li Shuzhou​ Assembly of Platonic Nanoparticles at Liquid/Liquid Interfaces​
​14-Nov-2018 ​Associate Professor Xue Can Plasmonic Metal-Semiconductor Nanostructures for Photocatalysis
​07-Nov-2018 ​Associate Professor Cho Nam-Joon Translating Plant Pollen into Materials Science Technologies
​31-Oct-2018 ​Associate Professor Ng Kee Woei Turning Disgusting Hair Waste into Valuable Biomaterials​​
​24-Oct-2018 Professor Hu Xiao Engineering with Stimuli Responsive Functional Polymers
​​17-Nov-2018 ​​​Professor Shen Zexiang Configuring the Properties of 2D Materials by Stacking and its Application in 2D Homo-junction Devices
10-Oct-2018​ ​Professor Alex Yan Qingyu Achieving Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance in Multi-Phase Materials
26-Sep-2018 Professor Zhao Yanli Responsive Organic Nanoparticles for Selective Bioimaging and Therapy
​19-Sep-2018 Nanyang Assistant Professor Matteo Seita​ Advanced Metallography: Assessing Crystallographic Information in Metals by Means of Optical Microscopy
​12-Sep-2018 ​Associate Professor Joachim Loo Delivering The Cargo: A Peek Into Delivery Systems From Agro-Food To Biomedical Applications
​05-Sep-2018 ​Associate Professor Ali Miserez Lubricant-Infused Materials to Combat Marine Biofouling
​29-Aug-2018 ​Associate Professor Alfred Tok Light and Thermal Management in Electrochromic Smart Windows for Building Energy Efficiency
​15-Aug-2018 ​Professor Subra Suresh Unique Properties of Materials at the Nanoscale
​25-Apr-2018 ​Professor Christian Kloc Charges and Spins in Organic Charge Transfer Compounds
18-Apr-2018 Associate Professor Dong Zhili Synthesis of Apatite-Type Nanomaterials and their Applications
​​11-Apr-2018 ​​Professor Lee Pooi See Stimuli Responsive Deformable Devices for Intelligent Autonomous Systems
​04-Apr-2018 ​Professor Lam Yeng Ming Understanding Nanostructures and Nanostructure Development using X-rays
​​28-Mar-2018 ​Associate Professor Zhang Qichun New Strategies to Prepare Novel Exotic Materials
​21-Mar-2018 ​Professor Chen Xiaodong Towards Intelligent Wearable Diagnostics
​14-Mar-2018 ​Professor Zhang Hua Crystal Phase Engineering of Nanomaterials
​28-Feb-2018 ​Professor Subbu Venkatraman Bio-Inspired Solutions to Medical Problems: Blood Vessels and Protein Delivery
​​21-Feb-2018 ​Associate Professor ​Jason Xu Oxygen Electrocatalysis using Transition Metal Spinel Oxides
​14-Feb-2018 ​Professor Subodh Mhaisalkar Metal-Halide Perovskites: Exceptional Semiconducting Materials for High Performance Solar Cells and Light-Emitting Devices
​7-Feb-2018​ ​Professor Wang Junling Giant Photostriction in MAPbI3 and Ferroelectric Photovoltaic Effect
​31-Jan-2018 ​Asst/Prof Tan Kwan Wee ​​Structures, Processing and Properties of Self-Assembling Polymer-Directed Hybrid Materials
​24-Jan-2018 ​Assistant Professor Karthik Kumar Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering in RIE2020
​15-Nov-2017 ​Assistant Professor Liu Zheng Flatland: The Landscape of 2D Materials
​1-Nov-2017 ​Assistant Professor Yu Jing Beyond Equilibrium Properties of Soft Interfaces

​Assistant Professor Dalton Tay Chor Yong

Nano-bio Interaction: When Small Meets Smaller
​11-Oct-2017 ​Assistant Professor Martial Duchamp Operando Transmission Electron Microscopy Applied to Perovskite Solar Cell Devices