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MSE-Faculty Seminar@NTU Series


The MSE-Faculty Seminar@NTU Series is a forum where faculty staff are invited to give presentations to MSE staff and students. The purpose is to enhance interaction within the MSE community.

All seminars will start from 2pm at MSE Meeting Room 1 (N4.1-01-28). Refreshments will be served after the seminars.
Date​ Speaker​ Topic​ Registration​
10-Oct-2018 Professor Alex Yan Qingyu
Achieving Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance in Multi-Phase Materials
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​Professor Zhao Yanli
​Responsive Organic Nanoparticles for Selective Bioimaging and Therapy
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Previous Seminars
​Date ​Speaker Topic​
​25-Apr-2018 ​Professor Christian Kloc Charges and Spins in Organic Charge Transfer Compounds
18-Apr-2018 Associate Professor Dong Zhili Synthesis of Apatite-Type Nanomaterials and their Applications
​​11-Apr-2018 ​​Professor Lee Pooi See Stimuli Responsive Deformable Devices for Intelligent Autonomous Systems
​04-Apr-2018 ​Professor Lam Yeng Ming Understanding Nanostructures and Nanostructure Development using X-rays
​​28-Mar-2018 ​Associate Professor Zhang Qichun New Strategies to Prepare Novel Exotic Materials
​21-Mar-2018 ​Prof. Chen Xiao Dong Towards Intelligent Wearable Diagnostics
​14-Mar-2018 ​Prof. Zhang Hua Crystal Phase Engineering of Nanomaterials
​28-Feb-2018 ​Prof. Subbu Venkatraman Bio-Inspired Solutions to Medical Problems: Blood Vessels and Protein Delivery
​​21-Feb-2018 ​Assoc. Prof. ​Jason XuProf. ​Jason Xu Oxygen Electrocatalysis using Transition Metal Spinel Oxides
​14-Feb-2018 ​Prof. Subodh Mhaisalkar Metal-Halide Perovskites: Exceptional Semiconducting Materials for High Performance Solar Cells and Light-Emitting Devices
​7-Feb-2018​ ​Prof. Wang Junling Giant Photostriction in MAPbI3 and Ferroelectric Photovoltaic Effect
​31-Jan-2018 ​Asst/Prof Tan Kwan Wee ​​Structures, Processing and Properties of Self-Assembling Polymer-Directed Hybrid Materials
​24-Jan-2018 ​Asst/Prof Karthik Kumar Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering in RIE2020
​15-Aug-2018 ​Professor Subra Suresh Unique Properties of Materials at the Nanoscale
​29-Aug-2018 ​Associate Professor Alfred Tok Iing Yoong
Light and Thermal Management in Electrochromic Smart Windows for Building Energy Efficiency
​​05-Sep-2018 ​Associate Professor Ali Miserez Lubricant-Infused Materials to Combat Marine Biofouling
​12-Sep-2018 ​Associate Professor Joachim Loo Delivering The Cargo: A Peek Into Delivery Systems From Agro-Food To Biomedical Applications


Nanyang Assistant Professor Matteo Seita

Advanced Metallography: Assessing Crystallographic Information in Metals by Means of Optical Microscopy

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