Course Registration


Important Information for Course Registration

AY2020-21 Semester 1

1. Student Handbook on Course Registration 

2. STARS Planner and STARS Student User Guide

3. Personalised Date and Time for Registration is based on students’ Study Year (For Registration) in the Degree Audit. It reflects in respond to the number of academic units students have earned so far. The number of academic units students must earn to be classified to the next year of study can be found in the online Academic Unit System (AUS) under “Classification of Students”.

4. Students must register for any Failed (Grade ‘F’) or Absent (Grade ‘I’) courses when they are next offered. This can also be done during the Add/Drop Period. Appeals are to be made to the School directly, not the Office of Academic Services (OAS).

  • Semester 1 Course Registration Exercise:
    Students must register for any Failed (Grade ‘F’) or Absent (Grade ‘I’) courses from their previous semesters (if any). They are to register all uncleared courses from their previous semesters before they register for any senior year courses.
    Any uncleared courses from the previous semesters must be incorporated into the planning of courses via STARS Planner.

  • Semester 2 Course Registration Exercise:
    Students are to register as if they have passed all courses. If they have not cleared any courses in Semester 1, they may register those repeat courses in STARS during the Add/Drop Period.
    Any uncleared courses from the previous semesters must be incorporated into the planning of courses via STARS Planner.

5. Request for overloading, waiver of pre-requisites and timetable clash

  • Overloading of the first overloaded course (one course) is done from 5.00pm – 10.00pm during your personalised date of registration.
  • Overloading beyond the first overloaded course (2nd course onwards) can be done via the Course Approval e-Form.
  • Waiving off pre-requisite can be done via the Course Approval e-Form.
  • Timetable clash is permitted only if one of the courses is a re-attempt course.

    The School does not allow timetable clashes for both first attempt courses. Students generally must attend all classes (lectures & tutorials) for all first attempt courses.

    Waiving off timetable clash can be done via the Course Approval e-Form.

  • The Course Approval e-Form needs to be approved by your Academic Mentor first before it is processed by the Office of Associate Chair (Academic). 
  • Please rest assure that there’s still the add/drop period for you to register your courses. Therefore, ensure that you submit the Course Approval e-Form before you’re issued an e-stamp for your request.
  • You may begin to submit the course approval e-form on 08 June 2020.

6. For more information on the courses to register, students may refer to the Curriculum.

7. Year 2 Students in AY2020

  • ​The courses are compiled into two groups; namely Group A and Group B.
  • Students are free to register either Group A or Group B.

    Please note that there is limited number of places for MS2012, MS2013 and MS2081 in Group A as the Year 2 Poly direct entry freshmen are pre-registered to these courses.

  • Students who are unable to register Group A courses are advised to consider registering for Group B. Eventually, all Year 2 students would need to take both Group A and Group B courses in an academic year.

  • Please ensure not to mix the courses from Group A and Group B, which will have serious implications in semester 2 i.e. timetable clashes, which the School will not be responsible.

  • The grouping is to show the normal load a Year 2 student can register during the course registration period. Beyond 19/20 AU is considered overloading.

​Group A ​​ ​Group B
​HY0001 Ethics and Moral Reasoning ​1 AU ​HY0001 Ethics and Moral Reasoning ​1 AU
​MS2012 Introduction to Manufacturing Processes 3 AU​ ​MH2811 Mathematics II ​3 AU
​MS2013 Polymers and Composites ​3 AU ​MS2014 Materials Structure and Defects ​3 AU
​MS2015 Mechanical Behaviour of Materials ​3 AU ​MS2016 Phase Transformation and Kinetics ​3 AU
​MS2018 Electronic & Magnetic Properties of Materials ​3 AU ​HW0188 Engineering Communication I ​2 AU
​MS2081 Laboratory IIA ​1 AU ​MS2082 Laboratory IIB ​1 AU
​UE ​3 AU ​UE ​3 AU
​UE ​3 AU ​UE ​3 AU
Normal Load Total AUs ​20 AU ​19 AU

8. MSE Lab Courses (MS2081/MS2082/MS3081)

  • Kindly take note that students are only allow to register 1 lab course each semester. ​

9. List of Major Prescribed Electives offer in AY2020

Semester 1

​No.​ ​Course Code and Title ​​Pre-requisites ​Teaching Faculty
​1 MS4610 Advanced Biomaterials
​Lisa Lao
Joachim Loo
​2 ​MS4613 Wearable Sensors for Healthcare*​ ​Chen Xiaodong
​3 ​MS4620 Polymer Technology​ ​MS2013 ​Terry Steele
​4 ​MS4621 Polymer Science ​MS1014, MS2013 ​Lu Xuehong
Aravind Dasari
​5 ​MS4631 Corrosion Engineering ​MS3013 ​Huang Yizhong
Heng Keng Wah
​6 ​MS4640 Advanced Analysis of Materials ​MS3014^ ​Dong Zhili
​7 ​MS4651 Thin Film Technology ​Xue Can
​8 ​MS4660 Fundamentals of Intellectual Property in Materials Science and Engineering​ ​IPA Lecturer
​9 ​MS4663 Engineering Solutions by Design Thinking ​Tan Lay Poh 
Eileen Fong
​10 ​EE4647 Microelectronic Devices ​MS2018 ​School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

* For students who are interested to take up MS4613 in AY2020 Semester 1, pls note that the number to register this course is very limited due to the limited of resource. It would be on the basis of first come, first taken. Please email to for the registration and the School will register the course for you manually. This course covers an interdisciplinary knowledge spanning from material science, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering to electrical engineering. Hands-on device fabrication experiments and group project design, report and presentation are required.

Semester 2 (subjects to changes)

​No. ​Course Code and Title ​Pre-requisites​ ​Teaching Faculty
​1 ​MS4603 Microelectronics Process Integration ​MS3012^ ​Nripan Mathews
Lee Pooi See
​2 MS4611 Biomedical Devices
​Dalton Tay
​3 MS4612 Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
​MS4013^ Lisa Lao​
​4 MS4622 Composite Materials
​MS2013 ​Cho Nam-Joon
​5 MS4630 Photovoltaics Devices and Energy Storage
​Lydia Wong
Alex Yan
​6 MS4650 Functional Nanostructured Materials
​MS4014^ ​Lisa Lao
Jason Xu
Xue Can
​7 ​MS4661 Application of Patents & Designs in Materials related Industry ​MS4660 ​IPA Lecturer
​8 ​MS4662 Appreciating IP in Research & Development ​MS4660 ​IPA Lecturer
​9 ​EE4694 IC Reliability and Failure Analysis ​MS3012 ​School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering​

Important Updates:

a) New course code for Engineers & Society (Previously known as MS0002)

  • ​The new course code is “EG0001”.
  • Students matriculated on AY2019 and before are only allowed to take EG0001 in Semester 1. EG0001 will NOT be offered in Semester 2.
  • Students who are graduating after AY2020, please remember to register EG0001 in AY2020 Semester 1.
  • Following are the indexes offered by MSE: 15330/15331/15332/15333/15334/15335/15336
    *15330 will be a mix tutorial among Engineering Schools.

b) MS1008 Introduction to Computational Thinking will only be offered in AY2020 Semester 1.​

​​​​​​c) Changes for MS2081/MS2082/MS3081 lab schedule

In order to comply with the social distancing measure, the School has made some changes to the lab schedule for MS2081/MS2082/MS3081 in AY2020 Semester 1. 

Please see below for the new schedule for the lab courses.

*Each lab session will last for 2 hours.

With the new lab schedule, you can choose either GROUP LA or LB for each lab course. For example if you are taking MS3081 in AY2020 Semester 1, you can register either 15260 or 15261.

Please take note that we are unable to increase the vacancies for each lab group due to the social distancing measures. Therefore if you are unable to register for your preferred index, please register for the other index with vacancies. 
Kindly take note that students are only allow to register 1 lab course each semester. 

Each student will still be required to complete 5 lab experiments for each lab course (3 Informal Labs and 2 Formal Labs). The grouping will be released in around End Of July via NTULearn.