Major Prescribed Electives


Study Year Specialization Major Prescribed Electives Type AU
Year 4
Industrial Material Engineering
MS4601 Principles of Semiconductor Devices Major-PE 3
MS4603 Microelectronics Process Integration Major-PE 3
MS4620 Polymer Technology  Major-PE  3
MS4622 Composite Materials Major-PE 3
MS4630 Photovoltaic Devices and Energy Storage Major-PE 3
MS4631 Corrosion Engineering Major-PE 3
Medical Materials
MS4610 Advanced Biomaterials Major-PE 3
MS4611 Biomedical Devices Major-PE 3
MS4612 Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering Major-PE 3
MS4621 Polymer Science Major-PE 3
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
MS4622 Composite Materials Major-PE 3
MS4640 Advanced Analysis of Materials Major-PE 3
MS4650 Functional Nanostructured Materials Major-PE 3
MS4651 Thin Film Technology Major-PE 3
Innovation and Intellectual Property
MS4660: Fundamentals of Intellectual Property in Materials Science and Engineering Major-PE 3
MS4661: Application of Patents & Designs in Materials Related Industry Major-PE 3
MS4662: Appreciating IP in Research & Development Major-PE 3
MS4600 Microelectronics Packaging*​ Major-PE 3
MS4602 Materials and Processes for Electronic Displays* Major-PE 3
MS4604 Photonic Materials and Devices* Major-PE 3
MS4613 Wearable Sensors for Healthcare Major-PE 3
MS4641 Introduction to Materials Simulation* Major-PE 3
MS4699 Special Topics* Major-PE 3

*Courses are not offered in NTU yet. Students are able to clear these courses by course matching it to the host university during Semester Exchange.