Year 2


MS2012 Introduction to Manufacturing Processes

[Lectures: 26 hours; Tutorials: 13 hours; Pre-requisites: NIL; Academic Unit: 3.0]

Learning Objective

This is the first course in materials manufacturing where students are introduced to various processes for the making and shaping bulk materials and semiconductor materials processing.  This is an essential Second Year subject which prepares the students for their industrial attachment in the Third Year.  Therefore the objective of this course is to familiarize with the conventional manufacturing processes such as metal working, joining & cutting, casting, powder processing, etc and also the common processing steps in the microelectronics industry.


Fundamentals of casting and overview of casting processes. Fundamentals of metal deformation and overview of metal deformation processes. Vacuum deposition processes. Machining and cutting of materials. Powder processing. Overview of polymer processing and electronics materials processing.

Learning Outcome

Upon the completion of this unit, the student should be able to:

  • appreciate the capabilities and limitations of conventional manufacturing processes,
  • understand the fundamental principles of semiconductor materials processing,
  • follow higher level, in-depth courses in manufacturing or materials processing


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  • Groover MP, Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing, Wiley International, 2nd Ed., 2002.

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