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​Q: Can I use calculators in the examinations?​

Calculators used in the final examinations must be approved by the School. You should check whether your calculator model is on the list of approved calculators (Please click the link here.)

​​Class Attendance
​Q: Do I have to attend classes?

Attendance at tutorial and laboratory sessions is compulsory. A student who has missed classes may have his/her marks seriously penalised. Note especially that he/she may be barred from taking the examinations if the school is not satisfied with his/her attendance at laboratory sessions and tutorials.

​​Class Notes and Solutions to Tutorial Problems
​Q: Will I receive class notes and solutions to tutorial problems?

Students are expected to take their own notes. In all cases, no lecturer will be obliged to provide lecture notes to students. If a lecturer gives lecture materials before or after lecture, it is a privilege granted to the students. No 'model solutions' will be given out for tutorial problems.

​Q: Are there tests or quizzes besides the examinations?

Yes. These may or may not be announced beforehand. Students are advised to be prepared for these tests which will be taken into account in their final grade for the courses concerned.
To safeguard their own interest, students should avoid using pencils for writing (with exception for drawings, etc.) in their assignments, tests and examination scripts.

​​Medical Certificate
​Q: How to apply for Medical Leave?

Students must apply for medical leave if they cannot attend classes on the following occasions:

  1. On days when there are laboratory sessions.
  2. On days when continuous assessment, quizzes or tests are conducted during classes.
  3. On any other occasions that tutor(s) or Lecturer(s) deemed as compulsory for students’ attendance.
  4. You may also approach the year coordinators and the Sub-Dean if you face other difficulties.
  5. On any occasion during the Professional Attachment, Industrial Attachment, Professional Internship, Industrial Orientation, Enhance Industrial Attachment or International Research Attachment Programme.

All medical certificates must be submitted not later than 7 working days after the medical leave to the School. If students submit the medical certificate after the deadline, they will be given zero mark for any test or quiz that they were absent from. Medical leave form is available at MSE General Office, #01-30.
You can also click here to obtain the form.

For medical leave taken during examination periods, the medical certificate together with a Medical Report Form must be submitted to the Office of Academic Services not later then 48 hours after your medical leave during your examination.
Please click here for procedures on application of medical leave during examinations.

For more information, please refer to Office of Academic Services web page on Leave of Absence and Medical Certificate.


​Q: Who should I approach for help if I encounter difficulties in MSE?


  • If you need to make general enquiries, you may approach the staff in the General Office.
  • If you need clarifications on certain courses, you could consult the respective course lecturers or tutors.
  • If you encounter other course-related difficulties then you should seek advice from your academic counsellor.
  • You may also approach the year coordinators if you face other difficulties.
  • Professional counselling services (e.g. for anxiety, stress, situational problems, etc.) are available at the Student Affairs Office.


​​Information Channels
​Q: Where can I obtain other course-related information?

Other relevant information can be found at the following locations:

  • Studentlink web page
  • MSE home page
  • All Public Folders/Common (Staff & student)/Schools/School of Materials/
  • The notice boards outside Lecture Theatres 3 and 4

Students may also receive information via the NTU e-mail system. It is thus the student's responsibility to check their mailboxes regularly for such messages.


​​Matriculation Number
​Q: Should anyone else know my Matriculation Number?

No. Your matriculation number is confidential and cannot be modified. Moreover, in all submissions of assignments, the student's matriculation number should not be used. Only names are required. Any further identification shall be in the form of the NRIC or passport number.

​​Password and Virus
​Q: Is my computer password transferable?

No, it is non-transferable. Everyone should use his/her own computer account as he/she is held responsible for any misconduct (e.g. any attempts to break into the computer system). Every student must also ensure that his/her storage device are virus-free before using them on any computers in the School.

​Q: Can I share the assignments with my friends?

Easy-going as it sounds, copying completed assignments (including computer programs) from another student is considered as cheating, which is strictly prohibited. Lecturers take a very serious stand on this matter. You may be expelled because of it.

​​Course Registration
​Q: Where can I obtain information regarding course registration?

Office of Academic Services has a web page on course registration.

​Q: What are the textbooks that I need?

The library has a web page on the list of textbooks.