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Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme (UROP)



The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) aims to encourage more undergraduates to consider R&D as a career choice. UROP is administered as a general elective subject with 3 Academic Units. Students are expected to conduct an independent study of a particular topic under the supervision of a faculty member.


  1. To expose undergraduates to the challenges and excitement of research
  2. To provide research opportunity for students who wish to consider R&D as one of their career options


UROP students will get the opportunity to experience research and perform some of the following tasks:

  • search, review and analyze research literature;
  • collect, classify and analyze experimental data;
  • conduct theoretical and computational analysis; computer modeling and software development

The program runs in a flexible time and is in sync with the timing of main academic learning programme.


  1. Eligible Year 2 and Year 3 students will be invited to participate in UROP.
  2. Students are allowed to sign up for UROP only during their entire candidature.
  3. Participating in UROP should not conflict with other academic learning activities, e. g. Industrial Attachment/Professional Internship, Overseas exchange (GEM Explorer).
  4. Students who have signed up for URECA cannot participate in UROP concurrently.


All students will be required to do a presentation and submit a conference-style research paper (comprising 4 to 6 pages) to their Supervisors for assessment.

List of UROP Projects


Project Selection and Allocation:

  • Eligible students are invited to approach Supervisors and discuss possible projects. After the Supervisor and student have reached a mutual agreement, the student will inform the UROP Coordinator about the research project title and confirmation from the Supervisor.
  • The UROP Coordinator will proceed to register the students for the UROP programme.

AY2019-20 UROP Timeline:

Students approach professors to discuss/select project : 05 Aug – 30 Aug 2019
Project confirmation and registration by UROP Coordinator: 02 Sep – 06 Sep 2019
Execution of UROP : 09 Sep 2019 – 21 Mar 2020 (approx. 26 weeks)
Submission of final marks to UROP Coordinator: 18 Apr 2020

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I know if I am eligible for UROP?
If you are eligible for UROP, you will receive an email invitation from the School.

2. If I register for UROP, my total AUs registered will exceed the normal load limit. Can I still register for UROP?

3. After I have registered for UROP and worked on the research project for a period of time, can I still drop out from the programme?. After I have registered for UROP and worked on the research project for a period of time, can I still drop out from the programme?
If you find the project unsuitable, you may request for a change to another project. You may choose to drop out from the programme if you have good supporting reasons.​​​