The MSE Community


A Cohesive Environment

We believe that an encouraging environment is important when it comes to building knowledge. Apart from being supportive through your academic and learning process, MSE provides a nurturing and cohesive environment for all so that you can be at your best that you want to be.

MSE provides various schemes and programmes to assist students to assimilate into university life, as well as assisting them to cope with financial and/or academic issues when required.

Freshmen Refresher Course

We understand the challenge faced by many students when transiting into university, especially males students after 2 years of national service. Together with the College of Engineering, Freshmen Refresher Courses on key mathematics and sciences concepts will be conducted a month prior to the new academic year. Freshmen are strongly encouraged to attend these courses to better prepare them in transiting into University. 

3-Tier Mentoring System

Upon admission, every undergraduate will be assigned a faculty member as their Academic Mentor through their undergraduate candidature. Students can consult their academic mentors on various academic matters like choosing courses, internship and career options and exchange options.
The school also housed a dedicated professional counselor to complement the Academic Mentors to provide additional pastoral care and support to students in managing their personal and academic matters when required.

Work Study Scheme
Students who need financial assistance can also turn to the school’s Work Study Scheme (WSS), where they receive financial compensation for providing services ranging from administrative tasks in the school’s General Office or technical assistance with the school’s laboratories.

Peer Tutoring Scheme
The peer tutoring scheme in NTU MSE provides a platform for students to learn from each other, as well as fostering a sense of camaraderie among our undergraduates. Students who obtained good grades can apply to be a peer tutor at the School and receive financial compensation through the work study scheme. All MSE students can sign for the peer tutoring sessions and learn from their seniors at no cost.

Students’ Feedback

“MSE feels like one big family. The school is constantly trying to reach out and connect with the students, creating a student-centric environment where professors are always ready to look out for students’ well-being – academically, financially and emotionally. The school also focuses on providing us with a conducive environment for learning, with our very own e-learning studio.”

Wong Li Zhen
Materials Engineering, Year 3​