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MSE welcomes applications from all students who possess a love for innovation and aspire to be at the forefront of technology.  If this describes you, think no further and APPLY NOW and make MSE YOUR FIRST CHOICE COURSE!

Minimum Subject Requirements for MSE

Local Applicants​ ​

​Singapore Cambridge GCE Advanced Level

A pass in H2 Level Mathematics and Physics/Chemistry/Biology.#
#A pass in Physics at H1 Level or at G.C.E. Ordinary Level is required when applicants have not read H2 Level Physics.

​Polytechnic Diploma

​Applicants should hold a relevant diploma, as listed in our list of relevant local diplomas. Polytechnic graduates from a selected list of very relevant diplomas will be considered for direct entry into the second year. Those with a Certificate of Merit, Diploma with Merit or Diploma with Distinction may apply to any programme at NTU.

Please click here to view our list of relevant local diplomas.

​NUS High School

​Major CAP of 2.0 in Mathematics and Physics / Chemistry / Biology.#


#An Overall CAP of 2.0 in Physics is applicable to applicants who have not majored in Physics.

​International Baccalaureate

A pass in Mathematics and Physics / Chemistry / Biology at Higher Level.#

#A pass in Physics at Standard Level or equivalent is required for applicants who have not read and Physics at Higher Level.

​International & Other Qualifications

International students must have completed at least 12 years of general education or will be taking High School national examinations in the year of application in order to be considered for admission. In addition to fulfilling the minimum entry requirements, applicants must also satisfy the minimum subject requirements:

A pass in Mathematics and Physics / Chemistry / Biology at Senior High School Level / IB Higher Level.#
#A pass in Physics at Junior High School Level / IB Standard Level is required for applicants who have not read

Senior High School Level /IB Higher Level Physics


To obtain full details on general entry requirements and application processes for our undergraduate programme, please visit the NTU Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA) website here.

Scholarship and Financial Aid administered by NTU

In recognition of academic excellence and leadership potential, NTU offers a variety of scholarships and premier scholars programme to new students pursuing their full-time undergraduate studies in NTU. Scholarships are generally awarded to students based on academic merit and good co-curricular records.

Some prestigious scholarships available for MSE freshmen are:

Click here to learn more about and apply for the scholarships.

Premier Scholars’ Programme

MSE Merit Award
MSE Merit Award is an academic award set up in 2012 in recognition of new students pursuing a full-time degree in MSE, who excel in all aspects of their studies.  It takes into consideration both academic merit as well as good co-curricular records.  This award can be held concurrently with other scholarships, bursaries, university loans, fellowships, grants or awards and recipients are not bonded. 

Eligible students will be notified for an interview.