The MSE Programme


Global Exchange

Besides focusing on academic training, NTU MSE actively encourages our undergraduates to participate in global exchange programme. As our world become closer through globalization, ability to communicate and work effectively and seamlessly across global and multicultural team will give our graduates an edge in the workforce.
To that end, NTU offers a rich array of Global Programmes, partnering 100 leading companies and 150 partner universities in more than 30 countries. The programmes range from 2 to 22 weeks with an option of work, study or doing research at the host company or university. These programmes provide a platform for students to broaden their global perspective, acquire attributes and skills needed to a global leader.

Students’ Testimonials

have received quality education through NTU’s holistic approach to teaching. My two months at Yonsei University in Korea and 6 months at Linkoping University in Sweden, as part of the NTU global exchange programme, have provided me with international exposure.

While studying overseas, I have also had the opportunity to travel to over 30 cities within Europe and Korea within this short but amazing period of time. Furthermore, I have also represented NTU as a student delegate in the Ministry of Education Sino-Singapore exchange in China for two weeks. These overseas exchanges are definitely the highlights of my undergraduate life in NTU as I was able to live independently and most importantly, broaden my mind and attain a global perspective through my many newly made international friends.

Ang Jin Yan
MSE Class of 2013


The way the lessons were conducted here in Sungkyunkwan University, Korea is very different. It is nothing like the conventional way of presenting a lecture, where there were no powerpoint slides, nor lecture notes. The Professor deliver the lecture by getting us share our experiences and from there, he selects a few cases for the class to study it as a case study. The lecture theatre basically turned into a venue for debate competition. Unlike the conventional lecture, this is much more interactive and more ideas are being generated by the class. Ultimately, each and every one of us gets to learn more. This exchange has made me realized learning can be made more enjoyable by rejecting the conventional.

Png Wee Chun
Materials Engineering, Final Year


My biggest take away from the exchange to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), is to realized that the world is small and travelling will open up your perspective and challenge you to be a better person. I made a lot of new friends from various countries, e.g. Hong Kong, Canada, Japan etc. during my exchange stint, studied more about local Hong Kong’s culture and the everyday life of the normal citizen. This exchange trip has indeed opened up my mind. It is a life-changing experience and has challenged me greatly to live in a foreign country with different cultures and stepping up to make new friends.

Agung Purnomo Sendy
Materials Engineering, Final Year


I had the opportunity to do a semester of exchange studies at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. Learning in a new environment was a refreshing experience for me as the questions posed by my classmates broadened the scope for learning and widened my knowledge in my area of study. I also made international friends through which I discovered more about different cultures and lifestyles. In this short span of four months, I was able to travel to more than twelve cities in eight different countries and visit all the sights that I have heard about since young. One of the biggest takeaways would have to be living independently away from home and handling any unexpected circumstance on my own. I have also gained a global perspective from my travelling and this overseas exposure has developed me to be more versatile in facing future global challenges.

Tan Zi Ying
Materials Engineering, Year 3


During that semester that I was in Sweden, I saw, experienced and learnt many things, which had shaped me to be a better person in so many ways. Being overseas for half a year away from your close friends and family will really force you to be more independent, to break out of your comfort zone and make new friends from different countries. Classes are conducted differently as compared to Singapore. In Sweden, students do not print the lecture notes in advance, instead they listen attentively in class and copy down notes furiously. The people, the food, the culture, the scenery, everything is an eye opening experience to me. So I would definitely say that exchange has left a deep impact on my undergraduate life, not only as a student, but also as a person. My biggest take away from this exchange experience would be that the world out there is so much bigger than we can ever imagine, and learning is something that will never stop, even when we’re out of school.

Lim Xin Yi
Materials Engineering, Year 3