The MSE Programme


Our Structure Curriculum

With the school’s programme educational objectives in mind, our comprehensive curriculum is designed to allow first-year students to build a strong foundation in sciences, mathematics and materials science. Students will delve into advanced topics such as understanding the fascinating structure of materials and materials processing, characterisation and application of various materials will be introduced in the second and third year. All these will constitute the core modules requirement of our curriculum.

In the final year, the option to study advanced topics, what we call the Major Prescribed Electives, allows students to focus their learning and gain specialized knowledge in materials disciplines of their choice, which are designed in consultation with industry experts on future job market demand.
To encourage a broad education, at least 30% of the courses in the curriculum are from other fields, what we term as General Education Requirement (GER). With exception of three GER Core modules that all students have to take, students are allowed to choose from a selection of modules, outside their discipline and based on their interest, to fulfilling their GER electives and unrestricted electives requirement.
Minor Programmes

Students, who have strong interest in other disciplines outside their major, can pursue a minor in those fields. Minor programmes equip students with multiple skills and broader knowledge, beyond what their major disciplines may provide. NTU offers a wide range of minor programmes to our students, click here to find out the list of minor programmes available.

Modules Exemption
G.C.E. Advanced Level
Students who have obtained at least 3 ’A’s in H2 level subjects and at least grade “E/ C6” in General Paper or Knowledge and Inquiry will be eligible for the exemption of the following courses: Mathematics I, Materials Chemistry I and/or Physics, if a grade of ‘A’ is obtained in the corresponding subject at H2 level.

Polytechnic Diploma
Polytechnic graduates may be exempted from relevant courses for which they have obtained good grades during their diploma studies.