Career Prospects of Our Graduates

​MSE graduates are employed in a wide spectrum of industries and roles. They are highly sought for and moved on to sectors such as academia, aerospace, biomedical, clean energy, consumer goods, defence, electronics, manufacturing, petrochemical, semiconductor and research. A good acumen in innovation could also lead to a technology-based entrepreneurial career.

 Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Sector

“I am mainly managing projects on validations for new equipment in the manufacturing plant in Edwards Singapore. I am responsible for various change processes on the documentations, planning and supporting Calibration and Preventive Maintenance (PM) on Production Equipment, writing protocols and executing the test runs mentioned in the protocols. I am also responsible for the development of new equipment to shorten Process Time and minimize errors during production. Besides, I also work with my company’s headquarter on New Materials Qualification that needs to be tested for production use.”

Violet Zeng
Class of 2009
Manufacturing Engineer at Edwards Lifesciences ​


Consumer Goods Sector

As a Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager in P&G for the pet food business (Eukanuba and Iams Brand) , I take care of the brands across 12 Asia countries, ensuring all the products exported to these countries comply to regulations and are safe for consumer usage. I’m involved in every aspect from the R&D stage to the point the product reaches the consumers.”

Li Jia
Class of 2010
Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager at Procter & Gamble ​


Aerospace / Defence Sectors

“As a Repair Engineer in GE Aviation, I’m part of a global technology organization that identifies, develops, industrializes and supports world-class repair solutions for aircraft engines.”

Jean Liu
Class of 2009
Repair Engineer at GE Aviation ​

“As a Senior Engineer in ST Kinetics Chief Technology Office, I specialize in Research & Development (R&D) of new products and Project Management in the company.”
Kelvin Loke
Class of 2009
Senior Engineer (R&D) at ST Kinetics


Petrochemical Sector

“As a Procurement Associate in ExxonMobil, I handle procurement activities like contracting and negotiating corporate services for the company.”

Laura Ng
Class of 2009
Procurement Associate at ExxonMobil​


Engineering MNC

“I am leading a team of 5 to look into the field of thin film CIGS solar cell. The research area covers the effort to understanding the effect of crystal structure of the functional material to the performance of the solar cell. In addition, the morphology of each layer in thin film CIGS solar cell has to be investigated.”

Ng Ging Meng
Class of 2005
Senior Research Scientist at Robert Bosch ​



Semiconductor Sector

“I am in charge of the Nand product by Micron. The objective of my role is to improve the Yield of the product and also to identify excursion that happen in the Fab which result in Yield drop. Yield is the percentage good Die in wafer that can be sold to customer.”

Jason Tan
Class of 2003
Technical Staff at Micron Semiconductor ​



Academic / Research Sector

“I am a Senior Lecturer and Course Manager in Singapore Polytechnic. I teach materials related modules such as Materials in Practice & Nanotechnology. As a course manager, I also manage the Advanced Diploma in Polymer Technology course in Singapore Polytechnic. As a lecturer, I see strong demand for our Materials Engineering graduate. They are very versatile and can work in various industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, aerospace, semiconductor and more. We often end up having more placements offered by the industries than the number of students going for industrial training programme.”

Ho Thiam Aik
Class of 1998
Senior Lecturer and Course Manager at Singapore Polytechnic​

​"As a Specialist in Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, I work on nanofabrication of ferroelectric materials to elucidate photovoltaic effect in ferroelectric materials. My jobscope involves fabrication using electron beam lithography to characterization including SEM and Photovoltaic testing."

Ady Suwardi
Class of 2012
A*STAR Postgraduate Scholar
PhD at Cambridge University / Specialist I at IMRE A*STAR