MSE Innovation and Technology Committee


Who are we?
Prof Lam Yeng Ming (Chair)
A/P Oh Joo Tien
A/P Alfred Tok
A/P Andrew Grimsdale
A/P Terry Steele

The School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) is very keen to promote innovative ideas on materials and their applications. Our belief that innovations go hand in hand with new discoveries has been a key aspect of our MSE culture, which we seek to encourage and support in students and staff. To do this effectively, we have assembled a team of professors and a business consultant to help you to develop your ideas.

We would like to support your projects/proposals pertaining to these ideas to be showcased at both national and international levels. If you and your friends think that you have some wonderful ideas, but need some help, or even financial support in developing these ideas further, you should approach us and we will see what can be done to develop them further!

If you will like to submit your ideas to any of these competitions and will like some help from the School, please contact Prof Lam Yeng Ming (