Research Highlights

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​Highly-conductive n-type organic wires for enhancing bioelectronic performance

Ministry of Education - Tier 2​ Assoc Prof Zhang Qichun
​​Facet-Controllable Ultra-Thin Metal Nanostructures towards Efficient Catalysis

​Ministry of Education - Tier 2 Assoc Prof Xue Can
​Tailored soft-tissue bioadhesvies for site-specific therapy

​Ministry of Education - Tier 2 Asst Prof Terry Steele
​​Multiferroic BiFeO3 for non-volatile memories

​Ministry of Education - Tier 2 Prof Wang Junling
​​Preparation of 2D Semiconducting Nanomaterials for hydrogen generation

​Ministry of Education - Tier 2 Prof Zhang Hua
Artificial Liver Platform for Next-Generation Drug Discovery and Development

Engineered Mouse Model With Humanized Liver/Liver Disease Modelling And Drug Development)

Rational Design Of Three-Dimensional Artifical Liver Platform​​

National Research Foundation (NRF) - Competitive Research Programme (CRP) Assoc Prof Cho Nam-Joon and Assoc Prof Tan Lay Poh
​​Research and Development of Novel Interfacial Water Technologies

Multi-Scale Modeling Dynamics

​National Research Foundation (NRF) - Competitive Research Programme (CRP) ​Assoc Prof Su Haibin
Magnetofluidic spreading: The roles of magnetoviscous effect, bulk magnetic force, magnetophoresis and convective transport​​

A*STAR PSF Assoc Prof Raju Ramanujan
Biodegradable Shape Memory Foam Plug for Temporary Endovascular Embolization in Interventional Radiology​​

​A*STAR BEP Prof Subbu Venkatraman
​​Wet Chemical Routes to Electrochromic Glass

A*STAR SERC Assoc Prof Lu Xuehong
​​​High Performance Organic Electrochromic Materials for Smart Windows

​A*STAR SERC Assoc Prof Lu Xuehong
Periocular anti-vascular endothelial growth factors (anti-VEGF) compounds using Hydroxyapatite (HA) based nanoparticles in treatment of neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD)​​

Tan Tock Seng Hospital Prof Subbu Venkatraman
​Development of adhesive mimics for anti-fouling coatings and adhesion testing in the marine environment​​

​SMI Maritime Energy Systems (MES) Assoc Prof Ali Miserez
Research Collaboration on High Speed Flash X-Ray System​​

DSO National Laboratories Assoc Prof Ng Kee Woei