Collection Point


Hi All,

Let us recycle together! We can help to protect our environment, save resources and extend the lifespan of our landfill by reducing and recycling our waste!

Find out what items can be recycled:

  • Infocomm Technology (ICT) equipment: Computers, Mobile phones, Printers, Tablets etc.
  • Other types of e-waste: Batteries.

Understand why we need to recycle:

Recycling e-waste protects human and environmental health.

·       E-waste pollution cause harmful effects on human health, such as inflammation and oxidative stress – precursors to cardiovascular disease, DNA damage and possibly cancer.

·       Lithium batteries can caused spontaneous combustion.

Recycling e-waste helps to conserve our earth’s precious natural resources.

·   This reduces the need to mine limited raw materials from the earth. Reducing the need for mining also lowers pollution.​

As an individual or Household, you can reduce e-waste by:

  • Repair electronic equipment where feasible
  • Reuse items in working condition
  • Recycle unwanted items by making use of voluntary recycling schemes spearheaded by industry stakeholders


Simply drop off the e-waste at SCARCE Lab located at N1.2 B4-01 (NTU School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering).