The research focus of SCARCE is directed towards the developments of innovative and environment-friendly solutions for the treatment and recycling of challenging waste streams such as e-waste, and exploring novel methods to recover and/or utilise these resources. The areas are aligned with the CTWL R&D Initiatives, which aims to boost R&D capabilities in developing solutions to extract value and resources from key wastes streams in Singapore. 

These initial four projects proposed by SCARCE are to develop advanced technologies in sorting, dissolution, separation and utilisation of recovered materials to enable clean and innovative solutions for the management of e-waste. With CEA's unique skills and world-renowned expertise in materials recycling with extensive

industrial deployment for more than 40 years, and NTU's excellence in R&D translation and innovation in high value-added industrial products, this collaboration stands to boost local R&D capabilities in e-waste management and recycling.


The SCARCE will mostly focus on the development of cost-efficient hydrometallurgy-based recycling approaches with lower environmental impacts in four key research thrusts listed:


1. Recycling of Lithium Ion Batteries (LIBs)

2. Recycling of Silicon Solar panels

3. Recycling and recovery of valuable metals from Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

4. Detoxification and recycling of toxic plastics in e-waste​​